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Heyo guys! Coral here, this is the Sessah Ffuen Pod! (it means "Mermaid Ripple" for those of you who wanna know!) anyone is welcomed to join, although we will want about 20 members. Here we learn, hangout, teach others, and I will start up some classes soon! Answer our questions that we will provide when signing up, and join! No liars!


YOU MUST BE COMMITTED TO LEAVE FOR SEA IN FIVE YEARS AT A CERTAIN PLACE. *traveling fees are not included!* We leave in 5 years, date not set.

Heres the details and requirements for the pod:   

1. You MUST be turning 13 in the year 2014, or any age between 13-18!

2. You MUST be a tropical/traveler mermaid!

3. You Should be practicing one power

4. You MUST be in your m-shift, or higher. 

5. We will travel to the Bahamas, Hawaii, and other warm water places!

6. You should have a first and last mername

7. We leave for sea in 5 years

8. You should have something you're good at, like being a nurse, what sea life can be used as medicine, etc. We need lookout, attacker, etc.

9. We will most likely visit home on holidays! (Hi mom!)

10. We want around 20 people in our pod!

Pod Members: ( * = Pod Leader)

~Nellethiel Sirenia*

~Melusina Lorelai*

~Avylon Fae*

~Lorelai Oceana*

~Aranel Sea*

~Summertime Hearts

~Nixie Oona